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#9 Broadway Lights, Nashville; TN

#9 Broadway Lights, Nashville; TN

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This is my first niner (9er); not the most creative name, but descriptive; it is made of nine photos. I made them all in one night on Broadway in Nashville, TN. Probably walked up and down twice, maybe three times. There's a magic glowing orb if you look! (*note: there are readable beer signs)

I manufacture my 100 megapixel surreal photos directly onto 160gsm 100% polyester fabric. They are washable with 12 stitched hook holes and standard 72" x 72". Each curtain comes with a custom bag and of course, all curtains come with hooks!  

These pieces of art are stunning.... and washable!!!

Shipping is $10 in the US.

washable non-absorbent polyester

Curtain: 160gsm 100% Polyester

Reusable Bag: Faux-velvet w/ snaps.

Free Shipping (us)

Free in the United States.
15.00 flat rate for rest of world.

72" x 72"

Shower Curtain: 72" x 72" (12 sewn hook holes)

Reusable bag: 12" x 10"

Mildew and Mold resistant

These curtains are sure to last a good while!

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  • Surrealism? What's that you say...

    "Surrealism was born in Paris and re-born in Nashville under a post-war COVID context as people seek to escape the horrors of war and death. Art is a way to escape harsh realities. Technical innovations and shower curtains are a thread for the transformation of artistic production, thus giving Jonathan new tools of expressions. Jonathan is being revolutionary and innovative by manufacturing his Art directly from the printer under his own label. This process makes this find surreal art accessible and obtainable."**

  • look2wice - worlds 1st double view shower curtain!

    I love firsts and I think I've created a humdinger of one!!! Currently in production is the worlds first double view shower curtain. It can be hung vertically or horizontally; though they are squares; but you get the point. This allows you to hang #28 scratch and skip to match you style of stacking or filing your cd's and records.