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a prortrait of surreal photorgapher jonathan. Flowers, mums, cover a fuzzy face with cool eyeglasses.

Hi! I'm Jonathan. I am a surrealist photographer in Nashville; Only one living in the United States that i've found so far and here is the journey:

As best I can tell the first photo I took was of my family, in front of our volvo station wagon and some palm trees. I was probably 6 or so? My sister Adrienne is about to eat me I think?!

surreal photorapher jonathan takes his first photo of the family at age 6ish. Somewhere with palm trees. His sister is attaching the camera as the parents heads are seen peakign over a tackling shoulder.

Double that age and I found a camera in the closet at 12yrs old. A Nikon FT2 with a 135mm f3.5 nikkor lens, the front ring being so bent it couldn't take a filter.... not even a polarizer; didn't matter much because I didn't know how to work the tool. So I took a class at the Lexington Community College!!

a pasport camera polaroid taken by jonathan of jonathan while bored at Schuhmanns Click Clinic!

Started working in Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY at Schuhmman's Click Clinic. Learned everything about cameras, brands, technology... the death of an industry. And working in a mall is killer.

Still in High School I started working for the University of Kentucky student news paper the Kentucky Kernel. They made me shoot lots of sports.... so much sports.... I was reputed to get the ball in all my photos! (here's my first byline!)

jonathan's first byline in the Kentucky Kernel. A sports photo of a softball game. Note the ball is clearly visible in the photo. This is how you know what sport you shoot!

This lead me to wander into the Hustler office and walk out the photo editor. I held this position my first three years in college. I was downtown Nashville November 2019 as part of the press core for the presidential elections.

jonathan downtown nashville as part of the press core. This photo was made on the huge media stand erected downtown as Nashville was Al Gore's home and annoucement platform.

One awesome thing about photography is I am never alone with my camera and we get to experience life.  

I went to Uganda with a research team focused on HIV/AIDS and had my first solo show curated at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. The show went on a tour across the country doing a stint at the NIH in Washington, DC.

jonathan seen standing among a throng of people who showed up for his first solo photography exhibit. He was 24 years old and the show went on to tour the country for a decade.

portrait of a ugandan which doctor. a photo made by jonathan in Uganda when traveling with a research team.

This lead to work across Central America in Haiti, Belize and Guatemala.

white and yellow moths fly out of this photo. Using slow shutter speed and fill flash jonathan gives blur to the flight in the jungle as drying cloths are seen hanging. a leaf cutter ant seen carring a sea horse. b&w photo made by jonathan in the jungle

an archelogist holds a huge mayan jade celt. It was found in the petin in guatemala. Jonathan was working for National Georgraphic at the time.

Belezian school kids dangle on a dock after school. They peer out overlooking the crystal blue ocean.

a field worker digs as fog rolls in of the mountain.

After my travels I returned to Lexington Kentucky a create the Lexicon Project. It was a one year conceptual photo project. Along with a few other photographers we documented the city and hung the photos in downtown busines windows facing the street; I turned the entire downtown into a walking photo show with over 50 photos.

 the lexicon project. a one year public art project. I photographed and placed photos, facing the street, in business windows across town. turning an entire city into an art galley.

We created community wide photo projects like 7.6.05 @ 6pm

the lexicon project was a one year photographic study to spread beauty everywhere for everyone!

we made photo floats and set up mobile photo studios so everyone could participate in the Lexicon Project.

And I ran for office!! Here's what the editorial board of the Lexington Herald Leader thought 🤔

a news clipping from the editorial section of the Lexington Herald Leader showing there thoughs on Jonathan.

Then I went surreal. This is the first surreal photo that made me soooo happy.

a mexicon nationals beach on the pacific coast of mexico. The image looks to be mirrored of throngs of people in the beach but the inages are different. Not mirrored.

My new style found home in Swipe Right Art at 5th and Broadway in Nashville.

jonathan's name can be seen through the entire mall of 5th and Braodway. The newest and hottest outdoor mall in downtown Nashville.

photos hung in Swipe Right Gallery with Jonathan's name above his work.

art galleries are great. And my photos are stunning printed in glass; it's the shipping that gets ya' every time! Not with my 1.6lb 6' x 6' washable photos!!!

The mission of my company is beauty everywhere; for everyone. I want my photos in your home. I want them to be huge and beautiful and have purpose. I want your kids to stare at them when they stare at things like kids do. My artistic mission is to spread beauty. Wanna join?

pumpkin face jonathan. In addition to being beautiful his surreal portraits are seasonal.


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