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art shower curtains

#28 Nashville's used Records; a "look2wice" double view curtain!!!

#28 Nashville's used Records; a "look2wice" double view curtain!!!

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Used book stores are cool depositories of creativity filled with items people used as currency to trade for other things in the shop. It's awesome!! 

     This photo showed overlaying album covers; CD's first then record albums a bit deeper. These were organized by their virtue of over- or misuse. Either one notes a tight emotional relation. The isle is labeled scratch and skip. CD's .25 and records 1$.

    This is a revolutionary curtain!! it has two views, you can hang it two ways, it has hook holes sew for two orientations... get it? order one and see. Did you pile your records or line them up? like to scan cd labels vertically or horizontally? don't know? find out!

I manufacture my 100 megapixel surreal photos directly onto 160gsm 100% polyester fabric. They are washable with 23 (look2wice!) stitched hook holes and standard 72" x 72". Each curtain comes with a custom bag and of course, all curtains come with hooks!  

These pieces of art are the best i've created so far!!  and their washable!!!

Shipping is $10 in the US.

washable polyester

Curtain: 160gsm 100% Polyester

Reusable Bag: Faux-velvet w/ snaps.

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Free in the United States.
15.00 flat rate for rest of world.

72" x 72"

Shower Curtain: 72" x 72" (12 sewn hook holes)

Reusable bag: 12" x 10"

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    YAY! Free! Though sales tax is 9.25% and I'm not sure how to collect and pay for other states.... so heres an attempt at equity for out of staters w/ lower taxes!!

  • Q: Why am I the first?

    To sucessfully make photo shower curtains this beautiful?
    A: The technology wasn't invented until 2021! It's all about resolution....